Shabana Azmi:
“Congratulations on getting the [police] permissions [to march].”

Shilpa Shetty:
“We live in a democratic country that celebrates freedom of choice. Let us all live and let live! It is every human being’s inalienable right to live with dignity. And I support that and only that!”

Shobhaa De:
“I wish I could have joined the Queer Azaadi March at Chowpatty this Saturday. After India’s Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss pushed for the scrapping of the Draconian Section 377 of the IPC, it has given the gay community in India a tremendous boost. Such a show of solidarity (the slated march) would not have been possible even two years ago, when gays in the city were faced with constant threats, especially from corrupt cops who never failed to remind them of the law. Vulnerable and defenceless, gays were reduced to either suppressing their inclinations or going about their lives in a clandestine manner, wracked with fear and guilt…. I also hate columnists\journos who write pro-gay pieces captioned ‘Some of my best friends are gay.” It is akin to saying “Some of my best friends are dogs.” It reeks of condescension and a patronising attitude, even if the intentions are wonderful. Why single out gays for such special treatment? Do we also say, “Some of my best friends are Dalit\Muslim\Hindus”? Or has the time come to declare one’s position in such a brazen way? If so, how awful. Well…. Here’s wishing all the very best to the march for sexual freedoms on Saturday.”

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