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Queer & PoliticalDate: 18th January 2014

Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Location: Morello Hall , Holy Family Hospital, 6th Flr, Holy Spirit Complex, Hill Road, Bandra West

Please RSVP: queerandpolitical@gmail.com


The Queer Movement in India is a little over 20 years old but is relatively still a new movement in the political landscape of the Indian Sub continent. The pre and post independent social movements in India have had a far reaching influence in our social ideologies, our value systems and our identity as Indian citizens. Besides the rhetoric of Indian identity, one asks what it means to be gay, queer , lesbian , transgender in the Indian context. How do the diverse social ideologies that pervade our existence further compound with our ideology of being Queer. These ideologies shape our politics, the candidates we vote for and the political parties we support.

Is our Queer identity influenced by other contemporary social movements or does it have its own identity? The time to ask this question has arrived.

After a long protracted legal fight in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court on section 377, we are back to ground zero. As a sexual minority community we are recriminalized and now face the uncertainty of several review petitions being heard out in the Supreme Court. We may face the prospect of our fate being decided by the Parliament. Our fate of not only being decriminalised but also having rights that uphold our dignity. But , do we think that our Parliamentarians are ready to discuss issues of sexual orientation in the Parliament and do you think they will do justice to these discussions.

The time for political dialogue amongst the queer community has arrived.

Can the Queer Movement in India continue to remain apolitical ?

Can the Queer movement only take another route to fight for its rights apart from legal protocol?

Is the Queer Movement a vote bank that can make a difference to election outcomes?

How do we interact with our elected representatives?

How do we let them know what we want as Queer Voting Citizens of this country?

For this we as queer citizens in India need a political ideology that is strategic, goal oriented and principled in our belief systems.

Queer & Political aims to ask all of the above questions. However to drive home the point lets ask a straightforward question

” As a queer citizen of India, whom will you vote for in 2014 and why ?”


1. As members of the queer community arrive, they will be asked to answer the above question on a graffiti wall. Individuals could choose to answer with names or anonymously.

2. 5 panelists – 2 gay men , 2 LB women and 1 transperson would constitute the panel.

3. The panelists would be required to read through the graffiti wall and take notes.

4. The gathering convenes and each of the panelists is given 7 minutes each to voice his/her personal opinions, analysis and conclusion of what is written on the graffiti wall. They can give their opinion on who they feel is a more promising candidate/party in the upcoming Parliamentary elections for the Queer community.

5. Post this exercise , the floor will be thrown open to the queer community. People can ask questions and panelists may choose to answer those questions. the question can also be answered by other queer community members in the audience.

6. The minutes of the proceedings will be made and a concise report of this exercise will be maintained.


1. Queer & Political is an absolute safe space for queer community members. Only Queer community members will be allowed for the discussion.

2. Attendees will be requested to RSVP for the FB event or send in an RSVP mail to queerandpolitical@gmail.com

3. There will be no cameras allowed inside and no pics will be entertained even on phones.

4. The transcription of the minutes will be anonymous and no quotes will be ascribed to any participant.

5. This is a no holds barred political discussion on being queer in India and all care will be taken to ensure that participants do not feel threatened in voicing their opinions.

6. No personal attacks or aggression will be tolerated.

7. Media is not allowed for this event.

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