“Love Is In The Air” pride week special (report)

As a special tribute to the Queer Azaadi Mumbai  Pride week,  a play directed by Kaizad Kotwal & Vishal Asrani, called “Love is in the Air …. somewhere over the rainbow” was staged on 21 & 22 Jan at the Comedy Store, Palladium, Phoenix Mills.

Belting out hits like I will survive, vogue, fever, take a chance on me and Born this way, the cast consisting of Vishaal Asrani, Sarosh Nanavaty and Mansi Multani enthralled one and all, impressing upon us the vocal prowess as well as the brilliance of the divas LGBT community always revered. Icons like Madonna, Gloria Gaynor, ABBA, Sarah Mclaughlin were as though present in the auditorium with their support.

The humour, music and kitschy backdrop of golden shimmer curtain with smiling faces of talented dancers brightened up the evening and also drew applause, whistles and laughters throughout 120 minutes duration of the show.  The choreographer for the show Longines Fernandes (who has choreographed for Slumdog Millionnaire in past) has done a fabulous job with permutations and combinations to show various love equations with all genders and all in between as well.

They pulled in tricks and surprises with audiences – many from our community calling them upon stage, gifting straight couples and flirting with gay singles, effortlessly putting across the message of equal love and life given to each individual, we got more than we bargained for.  Quite literally, all the audience members were urged to shell out donation for QAM, which they obliged us with & we flashed our cute smiles distributing Small little QAM cards asking the audience to join us on 28 Jan.  The makers – Kaizaad Kotwal & Mahabanoo Kotwal were sweet enough to make announcements to support us and also provided us an opportunity to offer final words to the audience to ensure our message reaches everyone. Also, during their show on Sunday, 22 Jan, they invited the hyper enthusiastic QAM team Sibi and Namrata (who were jumping over their seats all through in excitement in this classic play) to speak to the audience about the pride week. This gave us an opportunity to personally extend an invitation to the audience there.  The enthusiastic audience also lightened their wallets and purses to get the QAM donation box to weigh more.

We look forward to having Mahabanoo and Kaizad along with the entire team – Love is in the Air”, join us at the Queer Azaadi Mumbai : Pride March on Saturday 28 Jan 2012.


About Harish Iyer

I believe in the spirit of laughter. I believe that the best way to forget your pain is to start laughing... and laughing real loud. In all possibility then, you would not forget your pain, but will look at things with a more logical bent of mind. I am pregnant with thought. Always pregnant with thought. Always looking for opportunities to deliver my thoughts in meaningful expressions, be it cinema or blogs. Aham is what I call myself. And that's what my blogs are all about. The "Me" in Me. With no pretension, no shyness, no shame. The Me that I am proud of. www.hiyer.net thats my blog. Take a peep! na.

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