A classical beginning to a colourful week! (report )


We couldn’t have had a better start to the week full of festive fervour. The Queer Azaadi Mumbai 2012 : Pride Week began with a ‘Colors Of India’ : a classical dance concert at the Amphitheatre of the new Annexe Campus at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar. As the music and dance weaved its spell at the amphitheatre, slowly the crowd started trickling in, and in just a while we were almost a full-house.


Prof. E. Toupou who has been associated with TISS since the past 3 decades and has been instrumental in several socio-environmental initiatives in TISS lit the lamp – an auspicious beginning to the ‘Queer Azaadi Mumbai 2012 : Pride Week’

Details of the Performances:

As a part of the event ‘Colors of India – Through the Eyes of a Dancer’ dance forms like Kathak and Bharatnatyam were presented in innovative and interactive ways by renowned artists.

Bharatnatyam performances were rendered by Nilesh Singha and Amol. Kathak was by Sunil Sunkara and Saurabh Masurkar.

The evening opened with a vandana by Nilesh and Saurabh followed with a piece on Lord Shiva by Nilesh. Sunil performed Teentaal, a Thumri and a Natwari piece followed by Saurabh who continued Teentaal with a technical elaboration. Sunil performed the mesmerising ‘Raag Yaman’ which literally means “one that soothes your mind”. Nilesh once again performed a amazing piece on “Draupadi Vastraharan”. The spirit of true unity and fusion of two dance cultures was displayed in a blend of Kathak and Bharatnatyam in a Tarana

Sarang Bhakre presented a Marathi poetry in through a dramatic act. And Amol had people on feet, cheering with his Bharatnatyam on a bollywood medley.

Sunil performed ‘Sanjini’ a magical piece of foot work by pandit Shri Birju Maharaji followed by a dance on ‘lagi tujse mann ki lagan’.

The best thing about the evening were the explanations before each performance by the artists that gave context to the content that we witnessed.

The evening ended with all the dancers performing to the soul touching poem by Shri Rabindranath Tagore ‘Ekla chalo re’. It was at a this high emotive note at 10 pm, that we called it a day leaving a few members of audience with moist eyes.

And thus we begin with Queer Azaadi Mumbai 2012 : Pride Week

Harish Iyer concluded the event by saying “We respect Indian traditions and customs, and here we begin our Pride Week by showing – how vibrant it is”

Yes. It was vibrant…. And HOW!


About Harish Iyer

I believe in the spirit of laughter. I believe that the best way to forget your pain is to start laughing... and laughing real loud. In all possibility then, you would not forget your pain, but will look at things with a more logical bent of mind. I am pregnant with thought. Always pregnant with thought. Always looking for opportunities to deliver my thoughts in meaningful expressions, be it cinema or blogs. Aham is what I call myself. And that's what my blogs are all about. The "Me" in Me. With no pretension, no shyness, no shame. The Me that I am proud of. www.hiyer.net thats my blog. Take a peep! na.

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