Q’ Nema 2012 – The Complete List Of Events


Kashish International Queer Film Festival
Proudly presents

Cinema with a Q. touché!

On the 4th edition of Queer Azaadi March, Mumbai




1. Film Screening
2. Launch of Project Bolo DVDs and screening of films
3. Panel Discussion



Join Us in full house as we celebrate with the best in Indian Queer Cinema!
Q’nema invites you to experience some of the audience’s favorite films of Kashish 2011

***Kusum : The Flower Bud***
Shumona Banerjee tells you the story of a transvestite sex worker and a straight, out-of-job, obsessive, suicidal English literature teacher.

Watch it, to explore if hope be found in the most unusual places!

***In The Closet***

Mathew Menacherry, Miriam Chandy and Menacherry’s short film “In The Closet” is A romantic mid-day tryst – fine wine, red roses, candles and silk. The
excitement mounts until a few truths spill out of the closet.

Watch it and witness beans spilling in less than 6 minutes.
***More Than A Friend***

Debalina Majumder’s short Bengali documentary (subtitled in English) flaunts the growing awareness about same sex relationships. The film is interspersed with real-life interviews of people belonging to various strata of the society.

Watch it! It is a film that presents the multifaceted nature of the debates around the subject.

Ranadeep Bhattacharyya and Judhajit’s “Amen” leaves you with the thought
“Life does not let you choose your parents or your sexuality”

Watch it, as we peep into the life of Harish Iyer, a survivor of child sexual abuse, on whom the film is inspired.



***I am a Woman Too***

V. Ramanathan’s Short Tamil Film – I Am A Woman Too (subtitled in English), peeps into the life of Selvi. Through this story, this film gives the viewer an insight about the conflicts and struggles a transgender goes through at her workplace due to discrimination.
Watch it, to see how one could stand up shoulder-to-shoulder for ‘what you are’ even as you face fierce discrimination.



PART 2: Project Bolo

the Official Launch of the DVD of Project Bolo by the Vibrant and Vivacious Rohini Ramnathan, RJ : RED FM and Ms. Brinelle D’Souza, Faculty : TISS.
please visit http://www.projectbolo.com for more details.
PART 3: PANEL DISCUSSION on Media and Society: Out of The Closet
The Panelists Include
Praveish Vishwanath
…. he is a professor of mass media and management in Guru Nanak Khalsa College. One of the subjects that he teaches is Understanding Cinema.

it would be nice to see him reflect upon how the academic fraternity takes to Queer Issues.
Deborah Grey
… She is a media person, has worked as a journalist with CNN IBN, Times Now and NEWSx and has covered the queer azaadi pride every year. Now she is a public relations professional and a visiting faculty.

She has strong views about the way media and cinema projects queer people. and you should join us to see what is the point she is making.

Sridhar Rangayan
… He is the founder member of Humsafar trust, the festival director of Kashish International Queer Film Festival and also organises the Flashpoint Film festival for human rights.

He is the architect of the queer cinema movement in India. You should listen to him. It is a treat.

Harish Iyer
… He is an active voice for a number of issues. Discrimination is just one of them. He gets quoted as “gay rights activist”, “child rights activist”, “social activist” in various sections of the media. He is out at work, out to the world. He has films based on his life.

He has a funny side to him and his confidence is something to watch out for.



Jerry Johnson

He is a psychologist. A knowledge warehouse. He understands the Queer Issue and the impact of it on the society very well. A very active voice for the issue.

Jerry Johnson would be moderating the session.



Join us, as we step “Out of the closet” and “into the screen”
At TISS (Tata Institute Of Social Sciences),
On Sunday, 22 January 2012
From 2:00 pm – 7:30pm

for directions and for further details .. contact

Harish Iyer @ 9833100340
Yuda @  9619014378


About Harish Iyer

I believe in the spirit of laughter. I believe that the best way to forget your pain is to start laughing... and laughing real loud. In all possibility then, you would not forget your pain, but will look at things with a more logical bent of mind. I am pregnant with thought. Always pregnant with thought. Always looking for opportunities to deliver my thoughts in meaningful expressions, be it cinema or blogs. Aham is what I call myself. And that's what my blogs are all about. The "Me" in Me. With no pretension, no shyness, no shame. The Me that I am proud of. www.hiyer.net thats my blog. Take a peep! na.

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