De Taali


Live performance by the Hijra community and band Agnee.

Date: Thursday, January 5, 2012
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Carter Road Amphitheatre, Mumbai.

The Hijra transgender community is one of the most marginalized groups in Indian society in spite of them contributing to a large chunk of the population. Estimates peg the Hijra population in 7 major states of India at 1.4 million. However, various problems plague them regularly. Some of them are:

• Lack of employment opportunities thus reducing their job description to three main categories – begging, prostitution and performing in marriage and child-birth ceremonies.

• Lack of educational and health facilities.

• Violence and discrimination.

• Inability to exercise political rights.

A group of Mass Media students of Wilson College have kick-started a campaign for the Hijra transgender community called “De Taali“.  With performances from the transgender community, they have also got the support of the popular band, Agnee, which will perform live while addressing the issues of the community.

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  1. the cause for which u r fyting is awsum n i guss imake a group lyk u for the same cause in my city delhi as well.they shud get their ryt…………..n they will surely get that………………tg rocks.

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