We are marching – II


Hi everyone, lots of calls have been coming about whether the QAM event is on for this Sunday, 16th August, thanks to the swine flu. Well, we’re happy we can say – the Queer Azaadi March is ON!

It’s become increasingly clear over the last day or so that the swine flu hysteria has become far worse than the risk posed by the disease itself and we are not going to be party to that – not least when we have before us an issue as important as our fight to uphold the Delhi High Court decision.

We’re not going to be reckless. We will be providing face masks – both for the eyes (for identity) and for the mouth (for hygiene). Also, remember that in the open there’s not much to fear with respect to swine flu.

We are also happy to be able to say that the police have assured us of full support in doing the march. We will have to assemble outside August Kranti Maidan at 3 pm on Sunday and set off from there.

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  1. It’s great to have the march taking plac. I’m reading that the masks are meaningless out in the open but you’re not taking any chances I suppose?

    Yes this is an especially important march in the context of the recent verdict and our determination to uphold it. All the best to you folks. Eager to hear about the event.

    • Thanks for the wishes. From what I have read, the masks are useful only for those with swine flu/symptoms (they should in fact refrain from marching). But given the general panic, the “swine flu masks” will be available for those who want to wear one.

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