Next Meeting – Sunday 2 August 4PM Awaaz-e-Niswaan, Kurla W


The next planning meeting for the QAM 2009 will be:

Date: Sunday 2 August 2009

Time: 4:00

Venue: Awaan-e-Niswaan

7/1, Sarabhai HassanAli Roopwala Bldg, 1st floor,

Moreshwar Patankar Marg (Pipe Line Road) पाइप लईन रो़ड़
Kurla West, Mumbai – 400070 (26523402)

When you come out of Kurla station, take the first right lane adjoining the Police Station. Its a crowded lane. After walking a few min and crossing the Moreshwar Patankar School, its a white building on your right. You can see the board of Awaaz-e-Niswan. Entrance is next to a medical store.
Also accessible by all buses coming to Kurla Station कुर्ला स्थानक के लिये सारे बस जो आते हैं.
Minutes of last meeting (18 July 2009) click here -> Minutes of the QAM meeting 25th July 2009

All LGBTI-identified individuals and organisations are welcome and encouraged to attend. August is here! For all of you who saw Subuhi’s film at the screening last night I’m sure you are feeling the glow and are full of energy. So see you at the meeting. (and see you tonight at Dancing Queens)

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