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*new* Queer Azaadi March Photo Movie with Music


This series of photos were taken by Sachin Jain and Bruno. Sachin chose the music and after a lot of experimenting, one bad upload, more experimenting on export parameters, here it is. Its really something special. Thanks Sachin and Bruno. (and thanks Sachin for bringing the images over)

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Queer Azaadi Zindabad

Queer Azaadi Photos as a Movie


Here is a series of photos, run as a slide show and saved as a movie and uploaded to Youtube and inserted here for your viewing pleasure. A small experiment that worked. More of these would be nice. If you leave your email ID in comments section, I’ll get in touch and we can figure out how to get me the original images. In the meantime, thank you Maya Ganesh for some beautiful photos… and for bringing them over to the house.

to see full screen, go here ->

And here is Part 2

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Queer Azaadi Zindabad – Marching in 2009

Queer Azaadi Zindabad

Queer Azaadi Zindabad

All you photographers out there. Please leave your email IDs in the comment section so we can get in touch with you. We would like to collect as much documentation as we can. Or leave links to your blogs, picassa, flickr, facebook (public link) etc. Many people were taking photos so there will be lots of different views. Also anyone with video footage. please leave your email or contact.

(this photo is from sachin. thank you dear friend, its beautiful)

We marched and it was fantastic


We had a fantastic March from August Kranti Maidan to Chowpatty. Estimates suggest 1500-3000 LGBT people and friends/family came for QAM 2009, making it the largest Pride march in India and definitely the most inclusive across the whole beautiful, wide-ranging LGBT community. Thank you to everyone who turned up and raised their voices along with us, and to those who couldn’t make it but were with us in spirit. The media coverage page of this blog, which features news reports/photos/videos, is being updated continously–please add it to your feed/favourites/watch list.  Queer Azaadi Zindabad.

Press release – QAM 2009


Last year, on the 16th of August 2008, a day after Independence Day commemorations, Mumbai’s queer (or LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community marched to demand freedom from Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which treated homosexuality as criminal.

The landmark judgment of the Delhi High Court on Section 377 on 2nd July this year has gone a long way to giving us this freedom, but we as the LGBT community are facing opposition from people who feel threatened by the decriminalisation of homosexuality. As a result, they have petitioned the Supreme Court to reverse the Delhi High Court’s verdict. Hatred of homosexuals is openly preached on TV and falsehoods are being spread.

It is to counter these that the queer community is marching on Sunday, 16th August, from 3 pm to 6 pm, with slogans like ‘Hetero Homo Bhai Bhai’, ‘Queer hua to darna kya?’, etc. The march will kick off at the historic August Kranti Maidan where Mahatma Gandhi gave his call for the British to Quit India in 1942. From there we will march to Girgaum Chowpatty through the streets of old Bombay and back.

This march will be partly a celebration of the Delhi High Court’s pathbreaking verdict, which we will acknowledge with all the colour and style that the queer community can command. But it will also be a call on the Indian government to uphold the verdict and respect for the basic human rights that all Indian citizens are entitled to by the Constitution of India. Specifically we call on the government to:

* Uphold the Delhi High Court’s verdict in the S.377 case in the Supreme Court.

* Include provisions in the Constitution to deal with all discrimination on the grounds of sexuality or gender

* Recognize that those amongst us who are transgendered are not recognised by society, so to extend equal citizenship rights and opportunities to all who do not fit into either of the two categories of male and female.

* Make the medical establishment be made aware of the reality of our lives and our needs, and cease all insensitive and cruel attempts to ‘cure’ us.

* Prevent forced marriages of queer people to people of the opposite sex

* Strive to end homophobia and transphobia. We want freedom from violence and hate within families, in educational institutions, at places of work and in public spaces. We especially demand that obscurantist and fundamentalist forces desist from heaping abuse on us and poisoning people’s minds against us

The Queer Azadi March is not just for queer people. Many others will be there to encourage and support us — family members, friends, colleagues; NGOs, women’s groups, human rights organizations, trade unionists; educational institutions and their students. We invite you too as responsible and progressive members of the media to join us on our march and to raise your voice along with ours!

Like all responsible organisations we have followed the development of the swine flu epidemic and were ready to cancel the march if needed. But it has become clear that the hysteria surrounding swine flu is overtaking the medical risks and we refuse to be party to this. We will take precautions of making masks available to marchers and discourage those with medical conditions from attending, but the march is ON.

We are marching – II


Hi everyone, lots of calls have been coming about whether the QAM event is on for this Sunday, 16th August, thanks to the swine flu. Well, we’re happy we can say – the Queer Azaadi March is ON!

It’s become increasingly clear over the last day or so that the swine flu hysteria has become far worse than the risk posed by the disease itself and we are not going to be party to that – not least when we have before us an issue as important as our fight to uphold the Delhi High Court decision.

We’re not going to be reckless. We will be providing face masks – both for the eyes (for identity) and for the mouth (for hygiene). Also, remember that in the open there’s not much to fear with respect to swine flu.

We are also happy to be able to say that the police have assured us of full support in doing the march. We will have to assemble outside August Kranti Maidan at 3 pm on Sunday and set off from there.

We Are Marching on 16 August


After some thoughtful discussions, we are completely in agreement that the Queer Azaadi March will happen  as planned, in full glory. We took this decision with a deep belief in our collective and individual responsibility for your health and our health, and faith in your sense of responsibility to our health and your health. It is important to remember that the March is in an open and outside environment, not in an enclosed environment, especially one with recirculated air. No outside events have been cancelled.

It has been recommended by the medical community that any immuno-compromised persons,  elderly persons, and people already ill with active health complications such as diabetes should avoid crowded gatherings. We are in agreement with these recommendations and believe that people will and should follow them.

People with fever, coughs, colds, difficulty breathing or manifesting any of the symptoms of swine flu are encouraged to stay home and take care of their health. They will be there in spirit and we can all march together next year. Send a friend instead holding a placard with your name.

Like last year, there will be many people in masks. Bright colourful, sparkly, fanciful, feathered, beautiful masks. Any people sporting swine flu preventative masks or bandannas will fit right in so you are invited to wear them. Whether worn to protect yourself from a virus or from homophobia, all masks are welcome. Both types of masks  will be distributed free in limited numbers, so also plan to bring your own.

Please do join us in this celebration of ourselves as we are and in our demands for

* The 377 case will now be heard in the Supreme Court, hence our demand for this law be read down continues.

* The Constitution must include provisions to deal with all discrimination on the grounds of sexuality or gender.

*Those amongst us who are transgendered are not recognised by society. Equal citizenship rights and opportunities should be extended to all who do not fit into either of the two categories of male and female.

* The medical establishment must be made aware of the reality of our lives and our needs, and cease all insensitive and cruel attempts to ‘cure’ us.

* Every individual is under tremendous pressure to marry a person of the opposite sex, as marriage is seen as a must in our society. We are launching a campaign against all such forced marriages.

* We call for an end to homophobia and transphobia. We want freedom from violence and hate within families, in educational institutions, at places of work and in public spaces. We especially demand that fundamentalist forces stop abusing us and poisoning people’s minds against us.

We invite you, too, to join us on our march and to raise your voice along with ours!

—Queer Azadi Mumbai

Poster and Placard Making Events for the March


There are two poster and placard making events coming up. Come, have fun, and make one with your own message!

Friday, 14 August, at Humsafar Trust, Vakola, from 6PM to 9PM

This is the second poster making event being held by Humsafar for the March. The first one was lots of fun. Don’t miss out!


Municipal Transit Building, 4th Fl.

Nehru Rd, Vakola, Santa Cruz East

Phone: 2667-3800

Saturday 15 August LABIA is having poster placard making at Awaaz-e-Niswaan at 2:00pm – 7pm

Everyone, especially women, come for a riotous and hard-working poster making and song singing practice session.


7/1, Sarabhai HassanAli Roopwala Bldg, 1st floor,

Moreshwar Patankar Marg (Pipe Line Road) पाइप लईन रो़ड़
Kurla West, Mumbai – 400070 (26523402)

When you come out of Kurla station, take the first right lane adjoining the Police Station. It’s a crowded lane. After walking a few min and crossing the Moreshwar Patankar School, it’s a white building on your right. You can see the board of Awaaz-e-Niswan. Entrance is next to a medical store.
Also accessible by all buses coming to Kurla Station कुर्ला स्थानक के लिये सारे बस जो आते हैं.

Central Railways outstation trains terminating at Dadar on 16 August


All of you coming from out of town, thinking your train will arrive at VT, will be in for a surprise. It will terminate at Dadar. This is due to giant megablock work at Masjid station.

The best option from Dadar is to get on a Western line Local heading toward Churchgate and get off at the next stop which is Grant Rd. Station. Take exit on west. August Kranti is a quick 5 minute walk from there.

For those who want to take a bus from Dadar, from Dadar TT side, buses 92/85/305 go to Nana Chowk. But Nana Chowk is almost Grant Rd station anyway so walk to August Kranti Maidan will be almost the same. Taking train will be much faster.